Background Checks


The Background Check is very necessary and helps to verify the authenticity of the claims made by an individual and to establish the Genuineness of Character and Identity. The Background Check to often a final step and is a process a person uses to verify that a person is who they claim to be. Background Checks provide an opportunity to check:

  • Person’s Criminal Record
  • Social and Financial Background
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Family History
  • Other Current Activities

To assure your security, Our Background Check Agency offers the most Affordable Cost as well as the Smartest Solution that will help you to screen your marriage partner. Our team offers round the clock support to assist you mitigate the marriage fraud risk by using our Advanced High-Tech Systems and validated background verification results.

Marriage is not just between two individuals but with a family and the most awaited celebration for any person. But what if you are not sure about that person you are going to marry. In this case, Pre-marital Investigation can help you and can provide the best results.

Pre-marital Investigation has become a trend more so in today’s time when the most marriages ending up in divorce. The reality of the world we live in is that there are deceptive people out there, some of whom are predatory in their relationships. Hence, Background Checks is the most common as well as an important part before taking any wrong decision about your life.


You love and trust this person, or you wouldn’t be considering nuptials. There are numerous reasons it is still smart to get a Background Check done, and many couples decide to do it together before marriage. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. Debt Traps and Dowry

The particular debt trap produced by providing huge dowries sets pressure upon father and mother aspiring to set up marriage with regard to all their daughter(s) in to a better interpersonal class. Some of the men run up huge debts and then try getting married in order to get financial help resolution. This can be reason of many unwanted situations and problems in your life after getting married with that person. Background Check will help you to find out all the answers to your questions in the most effective way.

2. Abusive Behaviour

There are many people with the history of Sexual Abuse, Violence and Paedophilia and it is very important to check whether the opposite side or your partner is safe for you or not. It is extremely important to ascertain whether your partner has a Shady Background or not. In such cases, Background Check could turn out to be a life saver. Nowadays it is very common to find out whether your partner is abusive or not and if yes then you can save your life before taking any kind of wrong decision.

3. Previous Marriages and Divorces

Many individuals used to hide their background related to previous marriages and divorces and it is very important to know whether you partner is clean or not. Marriage and divorce records are public documents which can be easily accessed. You need to be sure of your partner’s single status before taking any kind of Future Decisions.

4. Income / Financial Checks

To check whether your partner is financially strong or not is not a wrong thing to do, this is must! Income and Financial Checks helps to know that your partner is lying to you or not. Background Check is very important and when it comes to check the income and Financial Background our team is best at providing the most Effective Results.


Here we are to provide the Best Services to our customers. We offer the following services which are Cost Effective and offers Good Results in any kind of investigation.

  • 1. Relationship Status

    Our investigators for Background Check help to find the real status or affairs of your partner. This is assessed by keeping him or her under discreet watch, especially on holidays as well weekends apart from regular days.

  • 2. Marital Status

    Marriage and divorce records are public documents which can be easily accessed and our investigators can find the current as well as the Past Marital Status of your partner. Before taking any kind of future decision, it is very important to know about your partner and his or her history.

  • 3. Adverse / Concerning Habits

    Bad habits such as alcoholism, excessive smoking, drug abuse, gambling, prostitution, etc have a big role in disturbing the married life. Hence it is important to check whether your partner is completely clean or not. Adverse and Concerning Habits can be the reason of divorce and tough legal battles. And for this our investigators are the best!

  • 4. Present and Past Employment Checks

    It is very important to check the Past as well as Present Employment Details. This includes the name of the organization, designation, salary, job profile, overall performance, and relationship with colleagues, reputation and many other things. Such things are checked mainly to identify the behaviour, any kind of fraud, discipline etc.

  • 5. Income and Financial Details

    Income and Financial Details of your partner and the partner’s family is very important helps to check their assets owned, residence ownership, vehicles owned etc. Such things play an important role to protect he marriage from divorce and other fights. It also include checking for any concerning liability in term of loan, mortgage, debt etc.

  • 6. Family Background

    Details on family members, their general character and occupation, involvement into any serious anti social / illegal activity and many other things are needed to be indentified before taking any future decision. Family Background is discovered through a Discreet Investigation and our investigators are best at doing it in a very effective and at very affordable prices.


Background Investigation is the most recent trend which is very important to decide whether the partner is clean or not, whether his or her family is supportive as well as polite or not and Background Check provides you an opportunity to know all the details about your partner before marring him or her. We can provide you the Best Investigators which can do all kind of investigation which will be very Cost Effective and will give you Good Results.

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