Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance refers to the close observation or Investigation of an individual. Surveillance is the monitoring behaviour, activities or information for the purpose of any kind of Present Information or information gathering, influencing, managing or directing. Surveillance helps to observe an individual, place or an object.

Such things are common used in:

  • Missing person searches
  • Cheating spouse investigation
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation

In some cases, an Investigator is hired by a husband or a wife who has suspected his or her partner is hiding something from him or her or believes that the other partner is cheating on them. There can be many kinds of suspicious things that your partner does when they are hiding their affair or some other information that they don’t want their partner to know about. Cheating is very common nowadays in most of the marriages and it is very necessary to clear the doubt before it ruins your marriage. An Investigation can provide you all the Hidden Information, that your partner is cheating on your or not, or the Background Information as well as the Present Activities of your partner.
There can be number of ways to carry out the Surveillance process and some of those processes are:

  • Electronic
  • Interviews
  • Physical Observation
  • Technical

Many things are done by the help of the Surveillance. This method helps to keep an eye on them at every point and also helps to collect the Hard Evidence against your partner who is cheating on you. Surveillance helps to collect the evidence that will be very useful for your Divorce as well as Maintenance Case without any kind of complication. With the help of Surveillance Investigation, an individual can find out that his or her partner is a cheater or not and can clear all his or her doubts before it’s too late. Private Investigators conducts numbers of strategies to find all the information about the cheating spouse and conducting Surveillance is one of them.


Surveillance is one of the simplest processes done to find all the Hidden Information about your cheating spouse and refers to the documentation what is going on in the present world of an individual. Here at Trinetra Detective, you will get the Licensed, Bounded as well as Insured Private Investigators, which are able to conduct the Surveillance on your partner and can find all the information such as Current Activities, he is cheating or not and many other things along with Hard Evidence.
Our Trained as well as Professional Investigators are best at doing their job and can find all kind of information about the cheating spouse which will help you to clear all your doubts and is very beneficial in your Divorce as well as Maintenance Cases because our Investigators provide you the Hard Evidence such as a video, or some pictures of your partner and many other documents that will help you to fight against your partner. Such kind of Investigation can be very useful if you are having any kind of doubt about your partner.


To conduct Surveillance is not an easy task and for such things Professional Investigators are required. Here at Trinetra Detective you can get the Best Investigators which can solve any kind of Technical Problem without any kind of complication. Here are some of the points which will explain you why our firm is the best for any kind of Investigation:


The Surveillance we provide is conducted by our Professional Investigators and is discrete at the same time. Our Private Investigator will investigate about your partner in a very safe and discrete manner. A professional and Discrete Investigation is very important to find whether you partner is cheating on you or not or hiding any information from you. We are best at providing the Investigators which will have skilled and experienced in safely hiding their identities from your partner who is cheating on you and can provide you the evidence without any complication.



Nobody else in the industry can provide you Well-Trained as well as Fully Experienced Investigators which provide the Most Effective Results without any kind of other issues. Our Professional as well as Trained Investigators conduct Surveillance on your partner in the most Effective Way and can provide you all kind of Hidden Information and all Present Activities about your Partner.



Our Investigators generate Comprehensive Reports which can provide all the Legal Evidence against your partner. Such kind of Evidence can help you in getting Divorce from your partner without any issue. Our Investigators provide the Hard Evidence that is accepted by the court and you can win the Divorce as well as Maintenance Case against your partner. A Strong Evidence is enough to make your doubt as well as case stronger. There are many method of an Investigation such as Immediate Action, Plan the Investigation, Data Collection, Corrective Actions, Data Analysis, Reporting and many other and to do them in a very confidential as well as proper manner, a well-experienced Investigator is needed and for this our team is The Best.



Data Confidentiality is about protecting the information or data from unintentional, unlawful or unauthorized access. All the documents or information that will be collected at the time of Surveillance will be highly Confidential and no one can know that you are investigating on your partner. You will be the only person who knows this Investigation is happening and only you will have the access to all the information about your partner.


Hence, if you are looking for a Well-Experienced as well as Trained Investigator to conduct Surveillance on your partner to clear all your doubts and find out whether he or she is cheating on you or not, then our firm can provide you the Best as well as Professional Surveillance along with the Hard Evidence which will help you to fight in the court of law against your partner.

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