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Counselling refers to the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal as well as Psychological Problems. It refers to the process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by a trained person on a Professional Basis. Counselling helps to resolve the problems such as Personal Problems, Social Problems as well as Psychological Problems and difficulties. Counselling can be defined by the help of following points:

  • It is a process in which a Client and Counsellor set aside time to explore all the problems as well as difficulties which may include the stress and emotional feelings of the client. Client discusses all their problems they are having in their life so that the counsellor can understand them.
  • Counselling is an act of helping the client to see things more clearly and positively. This process can help the client to focus on his or her feelings, experiences and behaviour in order to solve all the stressful feelings.
  • In the process of Counselling, Confidentiality is taken as the High-Priority. It is a relationship of trust. Counsellors never judge their clients on their experiences or problems. All the talks are in between the client and the counsellor.
  • Counselling is not Giving Advice, Being Judgemental, Expecting or encouraging a client to behave as the counsellor would behave or getting emotionally involved with the client. It is just a simple process of knowing all the difficulties of the client in order to make them more positive.


There are various kinds of Counselling Sessions and it depends on the situation of the client that which type of Counselling will be best for solving all their problems. Here at Trinetra Detective, you can get the Best Counselling Sessions at very Affordable Prices. Trinetra Detective conducts various kinds of Counselling Sessions such as:



Marriage and Family Counselling is also called Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling. Such kind of Counselling focuses on improving the Communication as well as Conflict-Resolution Skills. Truth-be-told is the main goal of such kind of Counselling Sessions where both the partners sit and describe their problems with each other to the counsellor and this helps to improve their Communication, Understanding as well as many times the lost love gets back between them. The Therapists at Trinetra Detective are Well-Experienced and can solve any kind of Marriage as well as Family Related Problems without any complications.



Many times students and young people have many kinds of difficulties, emotionally as well as mentally and this can harm their career in a very bad way. Guidance and Career Counselling helps the students and young people to make Informed Choices about their future in relation to get employed, educated as well as trained. Career Counselling is also known as Career Guidance which is a process of counselling in order to help to choose, change or to leave a career and can be available at any stage in life. Such kind of Counselling Sessions focuses on helping and to understand one’s own self as well as Work Trends. This helps the students as well as young people to take an Informed Decision about their career and education.



Rehabilitation Counselling refers to the Counselling Sessions where the Counsellors help people with Physical, Mental, Developmental as well as Emotional Disabilities. Such kind of Counselling is very common nowadays because every second individual is having so much stress mentally as well as emotionally. Such kind of Counselling helps the client to overcome or manage the personal, social and Psychological Effects of disabilities. Rehabilitation Counselling helps an individual to achieve their personal, career and independent living goals in the most positive way possible.



Substance Abuse Counselling is a combination of treatment as well as support to help an individual break free from Drug or Alcohol Addiction. Substance Abuse is a major Social Problem and our Therapists are best at conducting such kind of Counselling in order to solve an individual’s problem in the most Positive Manner.

There are many other kinds of Counselling Sessions our firm provide to their customers which are Very Popular as well as provides the Positive Solution and can solve any of your problems in the Most Effective Way. Here is some Basis Stages of Counselling our firm provides to their customers:

  1. Developing the client / clinical Relationship
  2. Clarifying and assessing the present problem or situation
  3. Identifying and setting Counselling Sessions as well as Treatment Goals
  4. Designing and Implementing Interventions
  5. Planning Termination and Follow-Up

Nowadays Counselling Sessions are very common and can help an individual to think in a very positive way. Counselling Sessions are very helpful to fight with all the mental, physical as well as emotional problems in the very Effective Way and for this our Counsellors are best!

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